Bilge boat with new vacuum unit for petcokes and other dry residue hold washing water

okt 19, 2020
Port works/ wet construction
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Bilge boat – in 2018 extensively rebuilt for purpose of suction of Petcokes / grain residu from hold washing

Built 1958 Hamburg Germany, lengthened 2013 Holland, rebuilt into bilge / vacuum unit 2018

Dims 35,x 4 x 6.14 x 2.28 m

Empty draft 0,758 m

Intake 214 ts on max 1.98 m

2 x cargotanks for gas oil, 2 lub oil tanks 2 x potable water tank. The discharge pump for gasoil is located in an pumproom on the dek, the lub oil pump is place in the fore ship, the potable water pump in the aft engine room.

m/e Deutz blt 1985 , 320 bhp – coupling reintjes blt 1985

2 generators: 1  x Stamford 60 kVa, 1 x Deutz 27kVa

Bowthruster, electric driven

In 2018 the following was installed for the purpose of suction of water from ships hold that carried petroleum cokes

  • Installation of a vacuum installation consisting of a 13 ts RVS tanks , together with a Siemens Vacuumpum, capacity 3000 m3/min, type 2BE 125 Z OB Y3, driven by a 52 kW Siemens Electrical engine
  • Installation of a hydraulic deckcrane, length 17m and able to lift 1500 kg with hydraulich hoisting winch and hydraulic operating
  • Installation of an engineroom with watercooled 6069 John Deere generator engine for the use of the Siemens pump and the deck crane. Furthermore 2 Johnson pumps were installed one 2 ½” and one 3” driven by 6 kW and 18.5 kW electrical engine. On the portside a fuel tank was created at the cofferdam.
  • Adjustment of the wheelhouse, new aluminum top construction installed
  • New carpentry of the accommodation and installation of shower, toilet, galley and bunk bed
  • Blasting of the deck with 2.5 SI and conservation of same

Total costs of above works euro 350.000

Since conversion vessel only been used a few times


try euro 250.000 to test the sellers

Located Holland



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