About Us

The company Dick van der Kamp Shipsales was established in 1988 and has ever since been active in the sale and purchase of seagoing vessels and other floating equipments. The company is owned by Mr. Dick van der Kamp, who has over 40 years of experience in the field of sale and purchase and is assisted by Mrs. Mirjam Waalboer active for 22 years in this business.

Nowadays we work together with many ship owners and other clients who require our assistance with sale and purchase of seagoing vessels and tonnage. We offer a full service, designed to our clients individual needs and can include the search for vessels, marketing of tonnage for sale, organizing pre-purchase surveys, negotiations, documentation, after sales service and more. We are the first brokers in The Netherlands that have carried out both pre-marketing as actual sales for divisions of the Dutch Government, but also for banks, finance institutions and other creditors.


We have successfully concluded in the sale and purchase on behalf of our principals for the below tonnage with worldwide delivery

  • Many dry cargo vessels, container carriers and tanker vessels for various owners (abt 500 – 40.000 ts range)
  • All ferries for Provincie Zeeland (Dutch Government).
  • Police boats for KLPD and Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Government).
  • Vessels on behalf State Property Services (Dutch Government).
  • Offshore equipment (barges, pontoons, floating cranes).
  • Tugs, suppliers.
  • Various new buildings.
  • Pre-sales and marketing on behalf of notaries, law firms.
  • Occasional rental/ charter.

Owned tonnage

During the last 15 years we have purchased ourselves about 200 vessels and other floating equipment, sometimes together with partners, all sold successfully worldwide.


If required we can arrange for a extensive Pre-Sales that can consist of:

  • Personal inspection of vessels, notation main particulars, copying main drawings.
  • Making digital pictures inside and outside.
  • Publishing vessels data on our website.
  • Offering of the vessels to our relations and interested parties for the size of tonnage and/ or type of equipment. If required we can make a brochure.
  • Assistance of our clients during inspections.


  • Negotiation with Buyers and Sellers.
  • Preparation of contract and documentation following this contract.
  • Follow up till actual delivery of the vessel.

After Sales

  • Deletion of the vessel from Ships Registries.
  • Any other works following after the delivery.

How we work

It is our policy to work as much a possible direct with Buyers and Sellers but we certainly respect commitments with our co-Brokers. To enable us doing this we have access to the latest registers online as via Lloyds.

This way we can search adequate for potential buyers and sellers.

We look forward to working with you!